Wind Site Assessment and Project Development Services

The due dilligence of the wind sites planned to be invested needs to be determined correctly. In order to determine the technical and administrative suitability of the site, regarding studies can be provided by Focus Energy. In the technical assessment of wind sites, priority is given to examining the data taken from the met-masts. The obtained data are cleaned and correlated with long term satellite data. The topographical model and the surface roughness models are created to create the wind potential map of the field. After this point, proper turbine type and turbine positions are determined and raw production forecast of the field is realized. As a result of assessments of losses and uncertainties, the feasibility base production forecast is made.

The examination of the site from the administrative side is carried out in parallel with the technical studies in order to evaluate the appropriateness of the installation of the wind energy plant in the region concerned in terms of administrative permits. It is necessary to evaluate the views of all military and civilian government agencies in the wind fields.


Financial Modeling

As is known, detailed financial studies are required to evaluate investments. Focus Energy provides services for the creation of the project budget, the creation of the projection of the construction and operational expenses, the evaluation of the income forecast, the creation of the cash flow projection by constructing the financing model and the determination of the internal rate of return of the project.

Photogrammetric Mapping

We provide three dimensional topographical models and high resolution orthometric image services using unmanned aerial vehicles so that the work to be done can be of the desired precision and details of the field can be accessed in the office environment. Thanks to the high-precision GPS measurements made in situ, these studies, which will be used as a base, are provided with high sensitivity.

Site Roads, Turbine Platforms and Drainage Projects

As a result of advances in turbine technology, the wind turbine blade lengths and hub heights have reached considerable dimensions. For this reason, the road parameters required for transportation vary widely from conventional road design standards. Our company designs the turbine platforms and road routes by making advanced trolley simulations in order to optimize construction activities especially in variable topography areas. Drainage calculations are made by considering the final design and the sustainability of the site is significantly increased.