Preliminary Site Assessment and Project Development Services

It is very important to make the due diligence in the regions suitable for investment of solar energy. At this point, our company provides technical and administrative inspection services. Fundamental energy production analysis, shadow assessment of the landscape, especially in complex topographic lands Investigation of the effects of the construction activities and the evaluation of the electricity distribution system, reports are prepared to determine the technical suitability of the project. In addition, by examining the administrative permits, the risks that may arise in terms of different government agencies and individuals and the processes that need to be followed are presented.


Financial Modeling

As is known, detailed financial studies are required to evaluate investments. We provide the financial modeling service of the investment considering the production and construction costs obtained as a result of the preliminary evaluation of the framework.


Creating Three Dimensional Topographies and an Orthometric Image of the Site with UAV

We provide three dimensional topographical models and high resolution orthometric image services using unmanned aerial vehicles so that the work to be done can be of the desired precision and details of the field can be accessed in the office environment. Thanks to the high-precision GPS measurements made in situ, these studies, which will be used as a base, are provided with high sensitivity.


Panel Layout and Detailed Production Analysis

When the Panels are positioned, it is very important to observe the land use, shading effects and construction processes. It is possible to evaluate each group of panels separately with three-dimensional study of variable topography sites. High resolution production analysis is performed by taking into account the completed panel positioning, cloudiness, temperature, topographical structure of the zone, the effects of the panels on each other and other environmental aspects that may create shadow. As a result of the simulation, the energy production performance of each panel planned to be installed in the field is predicted.


Designing Site Access Roads, Panel Layout and Drainage Calculations

During the construction activities of the solar power plant, all the land needs to be reshaped. At this point, it is of utmost importance that every part of the field is made accessible and sustainable. We make it possible for the construction process to be carried out properly by providing the drafting of road and panel layout projects. Thanks to the preparation of the drainage projects that spread over large areas, we are able to prevent the deterioration that may occur in the area after construction.


Thermal Imaging of the Site with UAV

Inspection of the solar power plants with the thermal camera enables detection of faulty panels and possible connection faults. We provide this service by using an unmanned aerial vehicle. The obtained thermal images are processed to create a high resolution thermal image of the field. In this way, the position of the possible faults on the field can be detected more easily.