Operating Area

Focus Energy research and development activities continue in Ankara University Technology Development Zone, Gölbaşı settlement. The ecosystem formed by Ankara University academic staff and other companies operating in the region has been influential in the acquisition of Focus Energy’s key capabilities.

Solar Tracker EQ

The prototype stage has been completed during the development of the equatorial type two axis Solar Tracker System. Work on the production of commercial products is ongoing. It has been shown by studies that significant increase in production will be obtained in regions with direct radiation level in the middle and high level.


www.SolarMAP.co web application makes it possible to analyze production of photovoltaic solar energy systems with the aid of atmospheric data obtained from Nasa Modis satellites. Production analysis can be done for desired position, panel technology and structural system type. Thanks to provide the Modis satellite data from 2002 to the present day consisting of production from year to year differences can be detected.